NY State Now Has More COVID-19 Cases Than All But 6 Nations

New York coronavirus cases

The latest numbers are out in New York state, and they’re sobering. There are now 10,356 confirmed cases in NY state, of which 6,211 of are in New York City. With 3,254 of these cases having been reported just today, it’s clear that the momentum still points to a rapidly escalating situation, putting the health of its citizens at serious risk given well-documented constraints with respect to the city’s medical supplies and hospital beds.

With these totals, New York state now has more confirmed cases of Coronavirus than all but 6 other nations (excluding the United States), only trailing China, Italy, Germany, Spain, Iran, and France. The state also has roughly 40% of the United State’s total cases.

New York City’s total of 6,211 cases would make it the 7th-highest ranking nation by confirmed cases (excluding the United States).

world covid-19 cases 3-21-20

One might assume that New York state’s population count is a major contributor to this, but if the state were a nation, its 19.54 million population would rank 61st in the world.

With a high population density and major challenges relating to the city’s infrastructure, there are no easy answers to the situation at hand. These totals would indicate that 1 in 1388 New Yorkers has now tested positive for Coronavirus, but with many tests outstanding, others unable to test, an average 5.1 day incubation period before symptoms show, and yet others who don’t realize they’re carrying the virus, these numbers are likely far higher.

Let us hope that tighter restrictions announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday are a step in the right direction.

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