Governor Cuomo Announces New Coronavirus Restrictions in New York – 3/19/20

Andrew Cuomo Covid-19 Employer Rules

As the number of COVID-19 cases throughout the U.S. is continuing to rise, states are announcing new measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

This morning, Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo announced that no more than 25% of a company’s workforce is allowed to come to the office, except for industries essential to the functioning of the state. The move is indented to limit people’s exposure to potentially sick coworkers.

With over 1,000 new positive cases of coronavirus in New York City, density reduction is key to slowing down the spread of the coronavirus.

Additionally, the Governor announced plans to waive mortgage payments, cancel late payment fees, and suspend foreclosures to relieve some of the financial pressure on people who may find themselves in financial hardship at this time.

The Governor stopped short of announcing a “shelter in place” plan, an idea being explored by Mayor de Blasio, which would severely restrict movement within the five boroughs of New York City.

With an influx of coronavirus patients expected in New York City due to the spread, President Trump announced plans to deploy USNS Comfort, a U.S. Navy hospital ship, in the New York Harbor. The ship has enough room for about 1,000 potential patients.

A similar ship, USNS Mercy is expected to deploy on the West coast.

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