Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Says City is Only 6-12 Days Behind New York City

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti COVID-19 interview

According to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the city is only 6-12 days behind New York in terms of the spread of COVID-19.

In an interview with The Atlantic, Garcetti said:

“We are, depending on how you calculate it, six to 12 days behind New York … If you just look at the raw numbers, if we have the same rate of increase that we’re experiencing the last couple of days, it would be about 12 days, but we’ve had some days in which the rate of increase is faster.”

Los Angeles issued a stay-at-home order on March 23, and Mayor Garcetti recently stated that he believes it will last until “at least May”.

In the interview, Garcetti expressed deep concern over the number of hospital beds and ventilators compared to the overall general population of the LA metro area.

According to Garcetti, there are 22,318 hospital beds in Los Angeles and just under 900 ventilators. This is a city with over 19 million people in its metropolitan area and when you consider other reports that up to 20% of those with coronavirus end up hospitalized, it would only take about 11,000 active COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles before those beds neared capacity.

More troubling is the fact that all but about 1500 beds are currently in use, according to the Mayor.

As of yesterday, there were 1216 confirmed coronavirus cases in Los Angeles County and 21 deaths. While this may seem far lower than New York City’s current 17,856+ cases, the entire state of New York had just 1,374 cases only 9 days ago.

Read The Atlantic’s full interview with Garcetti here.

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  1. USA is a great country compared to all other countries in the world,but today due to corona virus this country stood come first in positive cases,I know this country is giving priority to people’s health and education,I think negligence is only cause to this situation,don’t give preference to war give preference to people’s health I requested the authorities

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