Breaking: The United States Now Has the World’s Most Coronavirus Cases

United States Most Coronavirus Cases

It’s official: with recent updates to the world coronavirus count, the United States now ranks the highest in total confirmed COVID-19 cases.

United States Highest Coronavirus Case Count

We projected earlier today that this would happen by tomorrow morning (Friday 3/27), but an alarming jump in total US cases accelerated the timing and with 81,996 cases at the time of this article, no country has more cases than the United States.

With the new case count still in the thousands per day in New York (4772 today), and rapidly accelerating totals in smaller states like Louisiana (510 new cases today), Michigan (561 new cases today), New Jersey (2474 new cases today), and Massachusetts (579 new cases today), the spread of this lethal virus shows no signs of slowing down in the states and is only increasing on a daily basis.

We advise you to take the necessary safety measures wherever you are, by following your local mandates and voluntarily staying at home for your own safety and the well-being of others.

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19 thoughts on “Breaking: The United States Now Has the World’s Most Coronavirus Cases

  1. Im sorry, but this is why no one should be allowed to enter or exit the country. Get all of our Americans back home and send foreigners back

  2. Accept Islam And eveey thing would be treated well…Because Only Allah can cure this desease no one else can …Accept Islam and pray to Allah for his Blessings…Jazzak Allah.

    1. But why people in Islam countries like Iran dying by corona virus they also Islam know God is one for every people in the world they can pray different styles only.

  3. The only accountable person for the spreads of this virus is all un analaysed information that published by your Presedan Donald Trump.

  4. The almighty God in heaven above had protected us PNG from COVID-19, please pray to GOD for his mercy.

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