UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Released from Hospital

Boris Johnson hospitalized for coronavirus treatment

The United Kingdom, and the world, have been anxiously watching the fate of its Prime Minister’s health this past week. Today, all will take some comfort in the fact that Boris Johnson has been discharged from the hospital.

After spending 3 nights in the intensive care unit and receiving assistance with oxygen, the UK Prime Minister stated that it “could have gone either way”. This underscores the seriousness of COVID-19 and the fact that one’s fate is largely out of their control, regardless of the medical assistance they receive.

The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude for the hospital staff, in particular two nurses – one named Luis from Portugal, and another, Jenny, from New Zealand. He noted that both nurses remained by his bedside for 48 hours, which he deemed the most critical during his hospital stay, and that they put their own health at risk in the process.

Also of note is Johnson’s fiancee, Carrie Symonds, 7 months pregnant, has been self-quarantined with coronavirus symptoms. Symonds expressed her gratitude about Johnson’s recovery on Twitter.

While Johnson has been discharged from the hospital, his recovery is not complete. Thus, he will not be immediately returning to work, and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will assume his duties until he’s ready to return.

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