Formula One Teams Working to Help the UK Government During the Coronavirus Crisis

Formula One Teams Working to Help the UK Government During the Coronavirus Crisis 1

McLaren F1 car during preseason testing. A McLaren team member tested positive for COVID-19 in Australia, prompting the organizers to cancel the Grand Prix.

Last Sunday, the UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock called on British manufacturers to consider switching some of their production to the making of medical ventilators for the duration of the coronavirus crisis. A number of companies responded with efforts to explore their ability to do exactly that.

Today, the collective of UK-based Formula One teams announced they would also evaluate their ability to manufacture respiratory devices in response to the UK Government’s call for assistance. All of the teams have expert design, technology, and production capabilities, and specialize in rapid prototyping and high-value manufacturing.

Ventilators are key in treating severe cases of coronavirus as they help patients breathe and get enough oxygen in their blood. One machine can cost up to $50,000.

There are four fully UK-based teams competing in F1: McLaren, Williams, Racing Point, and RedBull. Additionally, Mercedes and Renault have their bases set up in the UK.

The 2020 Formula One season was put on hold after the cancelation of the Australian Grand Prix earlier this month. A number of other Grands Prix have been postponed due to the global spread of the coronavirus. The Monaco Grand Prix was canceled altogether.

The UK currently has a total of 3,269 COVID-19 cases.

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