US to Pass Italy and China in COVID-19 Cases by Friday Morning

united states coronavirus cases

The United States is projected to become the nation with the highest incidence of coronavirus cases within the next 12-24 hours.

By Friday morning, March 27th, the US will have surpassed both Italy and China based on its current daily rate of new cases.

Yesterday, March 25th, marked an all-time high in new cases for the United States, with a daily count of 13,355, bringing the total case number to 68,211 in the states.

march 26 2020 coronavirus world cases

Source Worldometers.info

As of this morning, March 26th, there are already an additional 5,602 documented new US infections as of 12pm ET, bringing the nation’s total to 73,813 – just 573 cases behind Italy (74,386) and less than 7,500 within China’s total (81,285).

Given the fact that the United States’ daily totals are increasing cumulatively, it seems highly likely that today will bring more new cases than yesterday. If this were the occur, the United States would surpass China before the end of the night, marking a frightening reality that makes the nation the global leader in confirmed COVID-19 cases.

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