President Trump Calls Coronavirus Pandemic “Incredibly Interesting”, Says “People Can’t Get Enough of It”

President Trump Calls Coronavirus Pandemic "Incredibly Interesting", Says "People Can't Get Enough of It" 1

Today’s White House coronavirus task force briefing was one of the longer ones on record. Clocking in over two hours, those who stuck around until the end may have heard a bizarre remark that President Trump let slip out.

Speaking about his daily press conference briefings, Trump said:

“I’m sure people are enjoying it. I will say this: It’s an incredibly dark topic, an incredibly horrible topic, and it’s incredibly interesting. That’s why everybody is going crazy, they’re going crazy, they can’t get enough of it.”

An incredibly interesting remark, to say the least.

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3 thoughts on “President Trump Calls Coronavirus Pandemic “Incredibly Interesting”, Says “People Can’t Get Enough of It”

  1. Is it true or false rumours that US has found a vaccine to cure Covid-19 and be effective for use this Sunday?

    1. That would be a false rumor, unfortunately. Medical experts have stated that a vaccine will most likely take at least a year to get through an approval process.

    2. Obvio si Tramp ya lo debe tener,se juntó con el príncipe Carlos y le pegó el virus .En doce días más se va a saber que se contagió.

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