Moscow Orders Quarantine Starting March 30th

Moscow announces mandatory COVID-19 quarantine

Russia’s effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 are in effect. While the nation halted all international flights this past Friday, a tighter restriction has been announced today: the city of Moscow will implement a quarantine effective Monday, March 30th.

Only very necessary measures will be allowed per the quarantine, and even activities such as dog-walking will only permit residents to travel up to 100 meters from their home.

Earlier this week, President Vladimir Putin announce that he would delay Russia’s upcoming elections, which would allow him to seek two more terms after 2024.

Russia’s COVID-19 case count is relatively low at 1,534 considering the nation’s size and population of 144.5 million people, but with 270 additional cases announced today, it’s clear that the coronavirus is beginning to spread at a greater rate.

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