Louisiana Has 2305 COVID-19 Cases, Becomes One of the World’s Fastest-Spreading Areas

Louisiana coronavirus map

The spread of coronavirus in Louisiana is continuing at an alarming pace. With 510 new cases announced today, the state now has a total of 2,305 cases.

While this may seem like far less than the 37,258 now in New York state, consider these facts:

  1. Louisiana’s population of 4.65 million people ranks 25th-highest out of 50 US states, but their COVID-19 case count is 7th-highest of any US state.
  2. This means that Louisiana has about 500 cases of coronavirus per 1 million people. This is over twice as high as the US average of 239 cases per 1 million people.
  3. If Louisiana was a nation, the state would rank 21st in the world in COVID-19 cases. This puts it ahead of large countries like Japan, Pakistan, Thailand, Russia, and many others.
  4. Many parts of the state don’t seem to be taking social distancing measures as seriously as the rest of the nation. For example, the LA Times reported yesterday that a Louisiana pastor is still holding church services for hundreds at a time.
  5. Just 8 days ago, New York state had 2,480 confirmed COVID-19 cases, a similar number to Louisiana’s current count of 2,305 cases. As of the time of this article, New York state now has 37,258 cases.

We hope the state will implement measures that help the citizens of Louisiana contain the alarming spread of this dangeorus disease.

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4 thoughts on “Louisiana Has 2305 COVID-19 Cases, Becomes One of the World’s Fastest-Spreading Areas

    1. Social distancing is not negotiable…or we wreck ourselves before the disease wreck us….it’s an abject situation around the world and we don’t have to play Daredevil or sleep in overconfidence…with time things will receded but we fail to know how long and the effect of waiting may be collosal…

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