Italy Reports Lowest Daily Death Count in Over 2 Weeks

Italy sees lowest daily death count from coronavirus since March 19

Social distancing works. Earlier today, we reported that Spain has begun to see the benefits of this 3 weeks into its lockdown, as the nation will see a third straight day of declining deaths and new COVID-19 cases.

In yet another sign of this, Italy has reported 525 deaths from COVID-19 today. A terribly morbid number under any circumstances, but a reason to be hopeful as well. It’s been two weeks since Italy has reported a count this low.

All of this can be taken as a sign that national lockdowns implemented in both of these nations have prevented the accelerated spread of COVID-19. Not only does this lead to less infections, but it also eases the burden on hospital systems and saves lives, as patients are more likely to get the treatment and attention they need.

As you can see in the images below, the curve has begun to flatten in Italy, which implemented its lockdown on March 10th.

It will still take an extended period of continued social distancing to achieve the ultimate goal of preventing the continued spread of COVID-19 altogether, but we should all take comfort in the fact that a nationwide lockdown can truly save lives.

Italy Reports Lowest Daily Death Count in Over 2 Weeks 1 Italy Reports Lowest Daily Death Count in Over 2 Weeks 2

Source: Worldometers

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