In South Korea, 70% of Coronavirus Patients Have Fully Recovered

South Korea announces 70% of COVID-19 patients have recovered

South Korea has been one of the world’s most successful nations in battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite its close proximity to China, the nation of nearly 52 million people has managed to keep its coronavirus case count very low for its size, with 10,512 cases and 214 deaths as of today. This is just 4 deaths per million people, much lower than the 65 deaths per million people the United States has seen thus far. More importantly, the rate of spread has slowed dramatically, with 27, 30, and 32 new cases announced each of the past three days.

In more encouraging news, South Korea has announced that 70% of its coronavirus patients have seen full recoveries, meaning that only 2,930 cases in the nation remain active, per a Korea Herald report.

Much of this has been attributed to the nation’s very aggressive testing and contact tracing. The nation has managed to do this all without shutting down the economy. With over 514,000 tests administered, South Korea has tested about 1% of its population. This is more tests per 1 million people in the US, despite having only 2% as many cases.


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