Coronavirus Numbers Roll Past One Million

Coronavirus Numbers Roll Past One Million 1

The global total of coronavirus cases has gone past 1,000,000 today according to the map aggregated by Johns Hopkins University. Nearly a quarter of those cases (236,339) have been reported in the United States.


With the pandemic numbers continuing to grow, total deaths have risen past 50,000. Hospitals are struggling to keep up with the rise in cases due to lack of equipment and gear needed when interacting with patients.

Despite the rising number of infections, there is good news to be extracted from the data as well. The total number of recovered patients stands at 208,949, or over 20% of those infected.

Data also suggests that new infections are slowing down as people around the world increase social distancing measures. This news comes as countries, including Japan, Russia, and Israel, increase measures that limit the movement of people in order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

There is also hope that the world will return to normal in the next few months. After two months in lockdown, people in Beijing are also reportedly beginning to end their quarantine. China continues to report very low numbers of new infections, with 82,432 total cases meaning that China added only about 2,000 new cases last month.

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