BREAKING: U.S. passes China’s coronavirus cases per million

BREAKING: U.S. passes China's coronavirus cases per million 1
BREAKING: U.S. passes China's coronavirus cases per million 2

On Friday afternoon, the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. per million people passed China’s at 57 for the U.S., 56 for China. The total number of cases in the U.S. has reached approximately 18,700, with reports of 236 deaths.

While China’s overall number of cases and fatalities remains higher than in the U.S., the infection rate in the U.S. per million inhabitants appears higher for the moment. Italy leads the globe in total numbers of deaths at a reported 4,032 as well as the highest cases per million number of 778. Italy’s total number of cases is approximated at 47,000.

BREAKING: U.S. passes China's coronavirus cases per million 3
Figures obtained from Worldometer

The global total of coronavirus cases and deaths are 272,683 and 11,305 respectively. The pandemic has spread to 185 countries and territories in the world. An estimated 90,618 have recovered from the virus, making the active number of cases an approximate 171,000. Of that number, about 5 percent of cases are reported to be in serious or critical condition. 11 percent of closed cases have proven fatal, while 89 percent have recovered or been discharged from intensive care.

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