America Has Reached 50,000 Coronavirus Deaths

America Has Reached 50,000 Coronavirus Deaths 1

It has been announced that today, Friday, April 24, 2020, the United States of America has surpassed 50,000 deaths caused by coronavirus complications. This news comes as it was reported just three months ago that the U.S. had its first confirmed case of the virus. And sadly, on top of that, it was only ten days ago that the total death toll in America was just over 25,000, meaning the death toll doubled in just under two weeks.

There has been a national debate over how to count the deceased, and methods have been different in state to state comparisons. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at first only included those who tested positive for the virus, which may have been inaccurate due to strict limitations on testing. It has been reported by the Washing Post that of the 50,024 deaths confirmed as of Friday, 21,283 (roughly 42%) occurred in New York. Second in line for the highest death toll was New Jersey, followed by Michigan, Massachusetts, and then Illinois.

This all comes after morbid news that 88% of coronavirus patients on ventilators have died, 17 corpses were found in a New Jersey retirement home last week, and there is almost certain to be a second wave of coronavirus infections happening in the fall and winter. The best advice from scientists and medical professionals at this time is to stay home and continue to practice social distancing.

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