37% of World’s New COVID-19 Cases Yesterday Were in U.S.

37% of World's New COVID-19 Cases Yesterday Were in U.S. 1

Map last updated 3 Apr 2:25pm EST Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE

As of Thursday, 37 percent of the new COVID-19 cases in the world were found in the United States. The United States has already surpassed all other countries in the total number of cases at 266,578 reported Friday afternoon. Friday’s U.S. numbers represent about 30 percent of all new global cases, on track to repeat if not exceed Thursday’s new cases.

The growing infection rate comes at a time where American anxiety is piqued. According to an ABC News/Ipsos poll, only 44 percent of Americans believe they will be able to resume their daily routines by June.

When polled on concern that “you or someone you know will be infected with the coronavirus”, 89 percent of responses indicated worry over getting infected. Trends in the data include Democratic voters feeling more worried than Republican counterparts, 97 percent to 80 percent respectively; independent voters tend toward greater concern at 92 percent. 3 percent of Democrats and 8 percent of independents reported no concern of getting infected, while 20 percent of Republicans claim little to no worry over contracting the coronavirus.

According to President Trump, the worst-case projections estimate upwards of 2.2 million Americans contracting the disease. Approval ratings for the president’s COVID-19 response measures are split nearly down the middle, with 47 percent approving, 53 percent disapproving.

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  1. The Covid 19 perndemic is the Third World War Without Bombs all the nations are fearful May Be we are approaching the end of our lives let’s pray begging God good life ending the fear I am experiencing among the powerful countries never seen before

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